Can Sugar Cause Heartburn?

Heartburn is a very uncomfortable situation that any person can experience. The pain feels like a burning sensation in the chest, right behind the breastbone. Sometimes the pain would rise inside the chest and spread to the throat, neck and even the jaw. When you try to change position such as lying down or bending forward the pain would often times feel even worse.

Heartburn doesn’t actually involve the heart. It got its name due to the pain in the chest one feels when the stomach acid goes up through the esophagus.

Now, can sugar cause heartburn?

Well, one of the main reasons why one experiences heartburn is due to his or her food intake. Too much consumption of sugar in the diet will certainly lead the body to create an abnormal amount of acid.

Sometimes a person would experience heartburn if the body is unable to make use of all the stored sugar that was ingested. When this happens, sugar is converted to cholesterol which eventually clogs the normal flow of blood throughout the body.

Can sugar cause heartburn?Image: on Flickr

Sugar can cause heartburn

Can sugar cause heartburn as plain sugar or as an ingredient as well?

Chocolate, which is high in fat as well as sugar, is one of the main types of food that trigger heartburn. Many other types of food that has sugar as a main ingredient such as candy, energy drinks, and soft drinks can also cause heartburn.

Furthermore, carbonated drinks will make the heartburn worse since the carbonation will irritate the stomach even more. What the body will do is that it will try to cure that disturbance by producing antacids from the blood. This will then cause a negative reaction because it will lower the calcium in the bones in the body.

Carbonated drinks loaded with sugar can cause heartburn since it will enter into the blood stream and will lead the pancreas to become overworked. The pancreas will produce insulin and it will lower the testosterone in the blood, leading to hormonal imbalance and disorder.

Sugar cause heartburn therefore it should be taken moderately, because overconsumption will definitely lead to heartburn. Some people think that using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar will fix the problem but that is a mistake. That’s because ingredients in the artificial sweeteners, in time, can lead to the destruction of vital organs such as the liver and the kidney. Furthermore, they can cause a negative interference on the normal metabolism of the body.

The solution would be to limit your sugar intake and avoid drinking carbonated, sugary beverages. Just stick to plain water and you’ll be saving yourself from heartburn as well as other deadly diseases.

How to treat heartburn

Too much sugar cause heartburn and once your body experiences it, your most practical choice would be to take Antacids in order to relieve the stomach from pain and eliminate the burning sensation. It is also best to consult a doctor for you to be physically examined as well as to determine which type of drug you should take when you constantly feel heartburn. Doing so can help you deal with heartburn more effectively.