How Long Does Heartburn Last

For someone who wants to know more about heartburn, you can’t help but wonder how long does heartburn last. Though it’s only a minor health problem affecting majority of individuals some time in their lives, it’s still a condition that must be addressed with all seriousness.

So how long does heartburn last? There are many factors that can affect how long heartburn will last. The length and severity of heartburn depends largely on what caused it so no one can really determine its duration. But for those who’ve experienced heartburn several times already can already tell how long does heartburn last in their case.

One of the major causes of heartburn is diet. If you’re fond of eating spicy foods, you are subjecting yourself to heartburn. Many people who’ve experienced eating foods with chili and other spices would often complain of feeling a burning sensation in their stomach after their meal. However, this kind of heartburn caused by spicy food can last only for a few minutes. Read more about foods that trigger heartburn.

Pregnant women experience heartburn every now and then. This is considered a part of their pregnancy so you can say that heartburn can last for up to nine months in the case of moms to be. Of course, they may only experience heartburn after eating their meals. This is because their growing womb tends to push the stomach. In return the stomach has to put pressure on the esophageal sphincter which is the passageway of acid and food. This is one reason why heartburn is often accompanied by vomiting among pregnant women.

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Many people feel too lazy to move around especially after eating a big meal. They would lie down in bed or in a couch instead of doing some light movements. This kind of habit often causes heartburn. If you’re one of those who’re fond of doing this, for sure you’ve already experienced heartburn. But how long does heartburn last in this case? You can put an end to it almost immediately by avoiding sitting or lying down after eating your meals. Others would immediately pop an antacid or walk around a bit to ease that burning sensation below their breastbone.

People who smoke and drink alcohol are also prone to having heartburn. In their case, heartburn can last for only a few minutes to several hours depending on a lot of factors like how many bottles of beer they’ve drank or how many times they’ve lit a cigarette. If you’re having heartburn because of this kind of lifestyle, the best way to put an end to your heartburn suffering is to completely give up alcohol and smoking.

Heartburn usually lasts from only a few minutes to several hours. Again, you can save yourself from the discomfort and pain caused by heartburn by finding the right remedies and taking the necessary precautions to avoid it. For those suffering from severe heartburn, paying your doctor a visit is the most practical thing to do. Don’t just take any medication especially if you’re pregnant. Always ask your doctor for advice to avoid any health complications.