Maalox during Pregnancy

One of the more unbearable discomforts that pregnant women feel is heartburn.  Heartburn, as they say, is almost deemed as something that is part of pregnancy.  In fact, pregnant women should know how to combat heartburn early in their pregnancy.  One of the ways by which this can be done is through taking Maalox during pregnancy.  Maalox is one of the safe medications that can be taken if a woman is pregnant.  Thus, the baby in her womb will not be harmed.

How to Take Maalox during Pregnancy

Some pregnant women prefer not to take any medication when they are pregnant.  Indeed, taking medication when you are pregnant is known to cause some level of harm for the baby.  But then again, this ultimately depends on what kind of medicine will be ingested by the pregnant woman.  If she takes Maalox, then that is fine.  Maalox during pregnancy proves to be harmless for the pregnant woman and her unborn baby.  This is because the formulation used in this medication is safe and not laden with harmful ingredients at all.

Maalox during pregnancyImage: from Flickr

Maalox during pregnancy

Maalox during pregnancy is especially prescribed if your heartburn becomes intolerable.  At that point, you should chew Maalox to ease the pain and discomfort of heartburn.  Remember, though, that Maalox is not to be taken on an empty stomach.  Be sure you eat something so that your stomach is not empty before taking Maalox.  Otherwise, the relief from heartburn that you are seeking will not come at all.  Instead, acidity will set in and it might even get worse.  So be cautious about how you take Maalox.

There are some other medications that pregnant women can take if they have heartburn.  If Maalox does not suit you, you can try other medications.  Just make sure that these medications are safe for pregnant women.  Risking the baby in your womb just to feel relieved from heartburn is not worth it.  In addition, taking other drugs that are not prescribed for pregnant women may also cause certain health problems for you.  So be wise and be informed about the medications that you can take and what you should avoid as well.


If the heartburn you are experiencing is quite mild, then perhaps it can ease off by eating a special diet or by lessening your stress.  However, of the symptoms of heartburn persists, it might be best to do something about it.  If taking Maalox during pregnancy does not help, you can also contact your healthcare provider to ask about other options.  He or she may also check on your condition for possible health problems that are causing the severe heartburn.