Mylanta during Pregnancy

The effects of certain medicines on an unborn child can be quite threatening.  This is why you need to take a lot of caution before ingesting medicines if you are pregnant.   At the very least, take medications that are safe for pregnant women.  Mylanta during pregnancy is among the medications you are allowed to take.  There are very few medications that are allowed for pregnant women so you should take note of what is allowed and what is prohibited.  Otherwise, your unborn baby will be the one to suffer the consequences.

What is Mylanta?

Mylanta is a common drug used by many to give them relief when they have heartburn and acidity.  The reason why pregnant women experience heartburn and acidity at different stages in their pregnancy is due to hormonal and physical changes.  Since pregnant women struggle with an influx of hormones as the baby grows in their womb, heartburn and acidity often sets in.  In addition to this, the physical changes in the body of a pregnant woman may also cause strain.  This results in heartburn and indigestion.

Mylanta during Pregnancy as Remedies for Heartburn and Acidity

As we all know, the health of the pregnant woman ultimately reflects the health of the unborn baby.  If you are pregnant, you should eat well and rest well, too.  Aside from that, you should be free from stress.  If you feel certain conditions that bring you discomfort, you can take medications that are safe for pregnant women.  Mylanta during pregnancy is said to be safe when a pregnant woman is experiencing heartburn and acidity. However, be sure to consult your doctor before you consume it.

There is a limited list of medication that you can take when you are pregnant.  Aside from medicines that bring relief against various forms of pain and discomfort, vitamins for pregnant women are also prescribes.  More often than not, these vitamins may also contain ingredients that aim to target some of the discomforts of pregnancy.  Among these, of course, is heartburn and acidity.  But then again, if the symptoms of heartburn and acidity persist, it is ideal to take Mylanta during pregnancy.

You should particularly take Mylanta during pregnancy if the discomfort you are feeling is no longer on a tolerable level.  For instance, if it already interferes with your daily activities and such, then that’s the time to take the medicine.  However, if you can still bear the pain and discomfort brought by heartburn and acidity, then it is still best not to ingest anything.  Healthcare providers even suggest a good diet for pregnant women to minimize their proneness in experiencing heartburn and acidity.


Mylanta is effective in relieving heartburn and the best part is it’s available in different flavors like orange, berries, spearmint, and peppermint. However, be sure to consult your doctor before you pop one into your. Taking Mylanta during pregnancy may cause complications and side effects that can make you feel uncomfortable and affect the growing baby in your tummy.