Pepcid AC in Pregnancy

Any mother can tell you that the heartburn experienced during pregnancy can be quite severe. For many women, this is the first (perhaps only) time during their life when they experience this annoying condition. When something is very uncomfortable, it’s only natural to want to relieve it as quickly as possible.

With all of the advertisements we see for antacids and proton-pump inhibitors, it’s just as natural to reach for these easily accessible treatments. However, during pregnancy, an elevated level of caution is required. Substances and medications that are perfectly safe for healthy adults to consume can do a great deal of harm to a developing baby. Just think of the tragic effects which alcohol can have.

So how can you determine if Pepcid AC is safe? Pepcid AC in pregnancy is classified as a class B substance. This means that it is not expected to cause any harm to your baby. However, this is not a guarantee. Not “expected” to cause harm is very different than “will not” cause harm. For many women, this classification is reason enough to avoid Pepcid AC in pregnancy.

Safer Alternatives

Thankfully, a great deal can be done for heartburn without any risk to your baby. Simple lifestyle adjustments can bring about dramatic improvements if they are done regularly. You can begin by watching what you eat. For many women, pregnancy is a time for odd cravings, and these should usually be indulged. The body has a way of craving what it needs at a specific time during your baby’s development. However, your cravings aside, your diet is where you should begin to naturally stop heartburn. Eat the foods you want and those that are healthy for you, but in moderation. Stay away from large meals, as your stomach is already under excess pressure from your growing baby. Avoid eating within an hour (three hours is even better) of lying down, and when you do lie down, support your upper body instead of lying flat.

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Pregnant woman

Exercise, if your doctor approves, can be wonderful for creating an overall healthier body, which in turn will help to suppress heartburn. Yoga is especially good for expectant mothers because of its slower, no-impact motions and its calming effect on the mind. Stress can contribute to heartburn, and so anything you can do to relieve it is going to reduce your symptoms. Look for special pregnancy yoga classes in your area. These classes focus on things like heartburn, stress and the health of your unborn baby, and they incorporate poses which are safe for women even in the latter stages of pregnancy.

What’s Safe to Take?

This is a question that every expectant mother struggles with. Sometimes, the clinical data is very clear. In other cases, such as with Pepcid AC, it can only add to your worries.

Since the safety of your unborn baby is your biggest concern during pregnancy, your best bet is to research on your own and consult your doctor. Your doctor can give you recommendations, and you can research them to determine whether they’re options which you feel comfortable with. Remember never to take any medication, especially during pregnancy, without a doctor’s recommendation.

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