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Can a bad gallbladder cause you to have heartburn?

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I would just like to ask if there’s a chance that I have gallbladder problems because of me having heartburn. My sis told me that she read somewhere that one of the symptoms of a bad gallbladder is heartburn. Is this true??
 I ask because I want to know the real cause of my heartburn prob… so I can treat it effectively..
asked 4 years ago in Causes by rabbi (390 points)

1 Answer

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Hi there,
I too have wondered about this and really thought that my heartburn was caused by a bad gallbladder or gallstones as others may call it. but after careful and extensive research, I found out that it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY for gallbladder disease to cause you heartburn. The symptoms you are experiencing may resemble that of heartburn but it’s not really heartburn. so it’s not bad gallbladder that causes your heartburn. It can be something else.
Consult your doctor to find out what that is.
answered 4 years ago by dude9 (170 points)

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