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Why I get heartburn from oatmeal?

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Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about how good oatmeal is for your health. It seems like every article, book, website or blog, etc., on good health and weight loss extol the benefits of it. I’ve tried to eat it but it seems like I always get heartburn after doing so. Is it possible to get heartburn from eating oatmeal?
asked 4 years ago in Foods and Diet by benny1 (160 points)

1 Answer

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Not everyone who eats oatmeal gets heartburn but some people do. There is no definitive reason why. Some people’s stomachs may be more sensitive. Those with GERD may simply be more prone to it. The toppings that individuals add to their oatmeal, for instance, cinnamon, may be to blame in some cases.
answered 4 years ago by tinna (190 points)

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