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Can energy drinks cause heartburn?

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It's very pressure period for me, I have lot of exams at the
I've been drinking a lot of energy drinks lately. Recently, I started feeling a severe chest pains after I drink Redbull. I am not sure if it's heartburn. Doctors say that energy drinks are really bad for sleeping and heart, but I never heard that energy drinks can cause heartburn? Does it make sense?
asked 4 years ago in Foods and Diet by redbull0 (180 points)

3 Answers

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Dude, stop with the energy drinks. I had a very very bad experience with Red bull. About 2 years ago I was drinking 3 Red bull cans per day for about 3 months. I had to deliver a huge project at my work. Worked about 14 hrs a day, so energy drinks kept me a wake.
After a month, I started to feel a severe pain at my chest. Man, I couldn't drink a glass of water without getting heartburn. After I stopped, it took me another 4 month to get rid of the constant heartburn.
Hope this will help you.
answered 4 years ago by david_brian (180 points)
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It can give you a heartburn, acid reflux and much worse things.
Stop with the energy drinks. It's hard for me to explain you how much damage it can cause you. You are drinking total chemicals.
answered 4 years ago by roger_t (550 points)
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I don't know if its heartburn or chest pains but it comes and goes I drink energy drinks from time to time what is it
answered 4 years ago by anonymous

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