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Is yogurt good for heartburn?

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One time I had gotten heartburn and I ate a container of yogurt. This helped me immediately and since then I have recommended this heartburn treatment to friends and family. Some of them told me that it didn't work for them and one person said it made their heartburn worse! Is yogurt good for heartburn or not??
asked 4 years ago in Foods and Diet by luis35 (120 points)

2 Answers

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By any chance did you use fat free yogurt to treat your heartburn symptoms? Most dairy foods are high in fat and can trigger or worsen heartburn. You should really only use fat free or light yogurt to treat heartburn so that it doesn't worsen due to the amount of fat in the yogurt.
answered 4 years ago by dana71 (140 points)
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Yogurt, or any diary product for that matter, is high in calcium which is an ideal way to neutralize the acid in the stomach. The problem with yogurt is that it does naturally contain a lot of fat, as most dairy items do. The calcium content will probably make one's existing heartburn symptoms go away only to have them bursting back as the stomach releases more acid to break down the fat from the yogurt. The chances are that you have been eating non-fat or low fat yogurt to treat your heartburn, which is a good heartburn remedy. Your friends or family may have tried full fat yogurt which either didn't affect their heartburn or made it worse.
answered 4 years ago by alison43 (140 points)

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