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What fruit juices can I drink if I have GERD?

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I have GERD and I'm really starting to get tired of drinking water all the time. Before GERD I used to drink a lot of fruit juice but I'm not sure which ones are safe to drink with GERD. What fruit juices can I have without upsetting my condition?
asked 4 years ago in Foods and Diet by katie29 (120 points)

2 Answers

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Most fruit juices are not good for GERD sufferers. Apple juice is probably your safest bet if you really have to have a glass, but even then I wouldn't recommend that you make it a regular drink. The trouble with juice isn't just the acid level but also the sugar level. Excess sugar can stimulate the release of excess acid in the stomach which will most likely lead to heartburn. A lot of juices have added sugar to bring out the flavor and make them taste sweeter. Try low- sugar juices first and see if you get a heartburn reaction. If nothing happens then you might have found a new drink to add to your gerd-safe list of foods!
answered 4 years ago by alice24 (140 points)
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The problem with fruit juices is that many of them contain added sugars that can really get the acidic juices flowing in the stomach. Some juices, like "punch" or "cocktails" may contain acidic fruit juice like orange, cranberry, or lemonade which are also bad for someone who suffers from GERD. If you are really craving juice you could probably get away with the odd glass every now and then and see how that works. Try to avoid acidic juices and stick to 100% and low or reduced sugar juices. You could even buy 100% juice and water it down yourself at home. Apple juice, grape juice, and low-acid orange juice should be pretty safe
answered 4 years ago by patricia40 (140 points)

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