Tums during Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and are experiencing heartburn, do not worry.  That is quite normal. What you have to look into is how to seek relief for your heartburn.  Since pregnant women should be wary of the medication they take, you can use Tums during pregnancy to give you relief.  Tums is a safe aid against heartburn so it is one of the best options for you if you are pregnant.

What does Tums contain?

Tums has several inactive ingredients that are effective in brining relief for heartburn.  Aside from these, Tums also have Calcium Carbonate.  From these, you can already figure out that Tums during pregnancy is indeed very ideal.  It will ease away the discomfort of heartburn but it will not bring unnecessary harm to you or to the baby in your womb.

Why women experience heartburn?

For the longest time, pregnant women have complained about heartburn and acidity and other problems with digestion.  According to studies, these concerns are brought about by hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman.  Since pregnant women have increased types and levels of hormones, they are bound to feel certain discomforts.  Among these, of course, is heartburn.

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Tums During Pregnancy

Additionally, the physical changes in the body of a pregnant woman may also cause heartburn.  As the baby in the womb grows, added strain is experienced by the pregnant woman.  This adds to the discomfort of pregnancy and causes heartburn.

Heartburn that is experienced by a pregnant woman may be mild or severe.  It ultimately depends on the tolerance for physical pain that the woman has and the persistence of the symptoms as well.  If you have heartburn and you feel that you need to get relief from pain through a medication, you can turn to Tums.  However, if you think that you can handle the discomfort without ingesting anything, you can opt for that as well.  Not taking any kind of medication is ideal as long as you can tolerate the pain. Read more about heartburn in pregnancy.

Tums as remedy

In instances when you have ingested Tums during pregnancy or other medications to give relief against heartburn and the pain still persists, that is the time that you go to your doctor.  Your healthcare provider will look into your condition to see why you are not feeling relieved in spite of taking the medications.  Certain tests may also be conducted to ensure that you are not suffering from any other ailment which may affect your pregnancy.

Tums comes in tablets, capsules, syrup, or chewable tablets that are taken orally. It’s also available in different flavors like peppermint and fruits like berries and orange.

As an antacid, Tums during pregnancy may cause upset stomach, dryness of the mouth, belching, vomiting, stomach pain and frequent urination which are all normal. However, if these persist, be sure to stop taking it and inform your doctor right away.


Overall, taking Tums during pregnancy will not harm you or your baby so if you feel that you really need to take a medicine, get something safe to ingest.  Try Tums which has been tested and proven effective and safe by doctors.